Below you will find current programs as well as ones given before Gina dedicated herself to writing Calligraphy as Art and Meditation — a six-year project. (See Publications for an extensive overview of the book.) These may be short hands-on sessions or PowerPoint talks.


  • A Meditative Calligraphy Technique  January 11, 7:30–9pm (Zoom), Atlanta, GA
    Friends of the Alphabet, calligraphy society

    Through her meditative technique, Gina invites you to discover your body’s potential to develop the potent calligraphic qualities of movement, energy, rhythm, and feeling. To start, we engage the conscious breath to become present, relax, and slow down. Then, through tool exercises, we cultivate our awareness of the ever-intriguing calligraphic act: moving a tool and contacting a surface to form letters. By sensitizing fingers and arm muscles to the forces of stroke making — pressure, pushing, and pulling — we nurture a relationship that connects us to ourselves, our letters, and our world.

  • A Meditative Calligraphy Technique  March 13, 1:30–3pm (Zoom), Chicago, IL
    Chicago Calligraphy Collective, calligraphy society


A PowerPoint presentation in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada:

  • Calligraphy: An Art For Our Time  July 1, Monday, 7pm, Bishop's University, Quebec
    Rendezvous 2019, an international calligraphy conference

A library program in St. Augustine, Florida:

  • Meditation Through Calligraphic Exercises  January 30, 10:30am–12pm, Main Library
    Are you looking for new meditation techniques? Join calligrapher Gina Jonas for an interactive sensory exploration into the qualities that give letters life and beauty. Through guided calligraphic exercises, explore the senses of touch and rhythmical movement as a way to an alert, relaxed state of mind. Practice the art of mindfulness as you coordinate the breath with stroke making and develop awareness through tool usage. In Gina’s holistic approach, you integrate mind, body, and feeling to spark creativity and self-discovery. The goal of this session is to find a new route to focus your mind. Class materials are supplied by the Friends of the Main Library. Registration required.


Library programs in St. Augustine, Florida:

  • Calligraphy as Meditation  October 18, 10:30–11:30am, Southeast Branch Library
    Join calligrapher Gina Jonas for a sensory exploration into the qualities that give letters life and beauty. Discover how touch, movement, and rhythm cultivate a relaxed state of mind. Registration is required, all supplies provided.

  • Calligraphy as Meditation  November 27, 2:00–3:30pm, Anastasia Island Branch Library
    Curious about new ways to discover art or meditation? Join us as Gina Jonas offers a way to self-knowledge through artistic exploration and guided calligraphic exercises. Registration is required.

A PowerPoint presentation in St. Augustine, Florida:

  • Calligraphy as Art and Meditation  December 30, 10:30am, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.


A talk presented in Portland, Oregon:

  • Calligraphy: a new approach integrating design, ductus and dynamics, June, Reed College, Calligraphy Northwest, an international calligraphy conference


  • Edmonds, WA: January 12, “The Dynamics of Calligraphy,” Write On Calligraphers
  • Bellevue, WA: March 19, “How to Build Calligraphic Confidence,” Society for Calligraphy & Handwriting