Marriage Vows
Gina Jonas, Calligrapher


I am happy to offer custom-made, original invitation designs ready for printing. With the aim of welcoming guests to a unique and personal occasion, I discuss with my client the intended style and feeling of their gathering. To select suitable paper and arrange printing, my client may also work with a stationer. Ideas for design generally come from 1) seeing a piece in my portfolio, 2) bringing a sample for me to see, perhaps from a magazine, 3) discussing the event, or 4) blending two or more of these together. I make design ‘roughs’ after we agree upon our direction; these are then viewed and discussed to determine whether further exploration or refinement is needed, or whether all is acceptable and ready for the last step: finished art for reproduction. My desire is to create a piece that will be distinctively yours!

image image
Red scalloped flaps extended from the invitation’s backing; they folded and overlapped to enclose the invitation and the inserted pieces. ‘Wedding Weekend’ had adhesive backing and sealed the flaps.
The style was inspired by a type font used for an invitation seen in a wedding magazine. The invitation was printed on handmade paper stock.
An engraved invitation in the Copperplate style.
The style evolved from discussion with my clients: the descending strokes suggested sweeps to them, and I tried to make this a visual motif. The invitation was printed by letterpress on handmade paper.


In a world of mass production and speed, a hand-calligraphed envelope immediately signals the recipient to slow their motion and enter a personal realm of graciousness and warmth. To better translate these qualities for your particular envelope, we consider both the invitation itself and the spirit/feeling of your wedding. If I have designed the invitation, we generally choose the same style for the envelope; if the invitation is printed we carefully consider its font design. I can either interpret this style calligraphically or make a pleasing contrast, e.g., suggesting a style that enlivens and welcomes to offset a very formal style such as Roman capitals. The 3 envelopes below are examples of contrasting styles for the latter situation.

A bold energetic version of traditional Copperplate
A dynamic gestural version of Copperplate caps punctuates the measured flow of lower case forms
A contemporary design energized by unconventional stylistic combinations